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Find out why SMS and push notifications are so indispensible for this sector to keep in touch with their customers and field staff.

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Mobile communications

Have you ever received an alert telling you to put their bins out or to top up your bin account? It's so handy right? No-one wants to miss a bin collection.

This is why SMS and push notifications play such an important role in communications and customer service in the waste and recycling sector – customer find these channels to be both convenient and effective.

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Púca worked with Thorntons on integrating SMS notifications and an app for customer self-care. The app provided real time information along with service updates. Customers can check and ‘top-up’ their account using the Prommt payment integration, as well as access collection schedules and calendar information.

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SMS and Push Notifications

Optimising communications

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Use Cases

Here are some of the ways that the Waste and Recycling sector can benefit from SMS and Push notifications;

  • Collection reminders: remind customers about upcoming collection days.
  • Payment reminders: remind customers about upcoming payment due dates.
  • Service updates: notify customers of changes to their service, such as changes to collection days or temporary disruptions.
  • 2-factor auth: use SMS as part of account log-in process
  • Promotional offers: send promotional offers to customers, such as discounts on services or special deals.


There are a number of reasons why SMS and Push notifications are so useful for this sector;

  • Immediacy: SMS and Push allow waste and recycling companies to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers, whether it’s to provide updates, answer questions, or send reminders. This can be especially important in the case of emergency situations or time-sensitive issues.
  • Personalization: you can tailor messages to individual customers, using data such as account details and waste generation patterns to provide relevant and personalized information. This can help to build trust and strengthen the customer-company relationship.
  • Convenience: both channels offer a quick and convenient way for customers to interact. It allows them to get the information they need without having to make a phone call.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SMS and Push are typically cheaper than other forms of communication, such as phone calls, making it an attractive option for waste and recycling companies looking to cut costs while still maintaining good customer service.
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“I would highly recommend Púca to any company that needs a reliable messaging or app provider.”

Thorntons Recycling,
Head of Customer Care
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“Over the years we have used Púca we have always found their support levels to be excellent.”

DHL Ireland,
Head of eShipping

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