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SMS is an integral part of the communications mix in the banking sector. We’ve rounded up some popular use cases, customers stories and resources below.

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SMS in Banking

Banks are complex institutions and communications have to be managed across a wide range of products and scenarios which presents an array of challenges to communications departments. SMS is concise and impactful, lends itself well to automation, and can be accessed on even the most basic mobile phone which makes it an accessible and cost effective way to keep customers informed.

At Púca we are committed to information security and compliance, and it is a key part of our service to our clients. We use Vanta for information security monitoring and training and we are also approved as part of the Hellios FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) supplier community which is a mark of trust and safety in the financial services industry. Púca was among the first companies taking part in the sender ID registry proramme in Ireland, launched by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum of which we are a member. CEO Eileen Carroll has been proactive about introducing our financial services clients to this programme and introducing other security measures.

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Leading Irish bank Permanent tsb enlisted Púca to create an SMS communication platform for their fraud department that could accommodate multiple users, maintain an audit trail of all SMS messages sent to customers, and reduce the high volume of inbound and outbound calls.

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Optimising communications with SMS

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SMS Use Cases

There are many ways that SMS can be used the banking sector which we have listed here.

  • Fraud prevention: Banks can use SMS to alert customers of suspicious activity on their account, helping to prevent fraud.
  • Account notifications: Banks can use SMS to notify customers of account activity, such as incoming payments or low account balances.
  • Passwords: Banks can use SMS for one time passwords (OTP) or as part of payment processes or to remind customers about upcoming payment due dates.
  • Appointment Notifications: Banks can use SMS to remind customers about important meetings or calls, and what documents they need to bring.
  • Business continuity: during IT outages or certain systems are down, an SMS is a useful way to notify staff of alternative arrangements
  • Customer service: contact centre can use SMS to assist customers with onboarding, respond to inbound queries and send reference codes after a call.
  • Call deflection: customers dialling from mobiles can avoid the queue and be offered relevant information by SMS.

SMS Benefits

The concise and immediate nature of SMS makes it ideal for banks to communicate with their customers;

  • Immediacy: SMS is a fast and efficient way to communicate policy updates and is ideal for sending emergency notifications and other alerts.
  • Personalization: Banks can personalize messages to individual customers to build trust and strengthen relationships.
  • Convenience: SMS is a nimble, convenient way to get information to customers and stakeholders without them having to make a phone call or visit a branch office.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SMS is cheaper than phonecalls and post, making it an attractive option for banks to communicate with their customers.
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Core product

Unlock the power of SMS with Impower™

Impower™ SMS console

Our Impower™ console makes it incredibly simple for your team to communicate by SMS with your customers and staff.

Impower™ SMS API

Our developer RESTful API is the fastest way to integrate SMS messaging into your customer journeys.


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“The collaboration with Púca has had a big impact on how we manage our customer contact process… we’re delighted with the results”

Permanent tsb,
Fraud Manager
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“Púca APIs and self-serve console are the backbone of our SMS communications, and Púca always excel in service delivery and support”

Head of Customer Strategy and Innovation

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"We are proud to be entering our 5th year of certification as an FSQS assured supplier of SMS services to our clients in the banking and insurance sectors”.

Eileen Carroll, Púca CEO