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SMS plays a vital role in communications between public bodies and citizens. Find out more below.

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SMS messaging for Public bodies

Two-way SMS is an essential tool for public sector organizations to maintain effective communication with citizens and stakeholders. The ease of access to this technology on even the most basic mobile phones, coupled with its high open rates, make it a perfect medium for delivering important reminders, updates, and emergency alerts.

SMS technology is not only cost-effective, but it also ensures reliable communication during crises when other communication channels may be limited. Public sector organizations can quickly and efficiently disseminate critical information to a large audience, such as weather alerts or evacuation notices, without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Public bodies

Optimising communications with SMS

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SMS Use Cases

Here are some of the main ways that public bodies are using SMS;

  • Appointment notifications: Public sector bodies can use SMS to reduce no-shows (e.g. vaccine appointments) and remind citizens what to bring to an appointment updates: policyholders can opt-in to receive SMS updates about their policy, including coverage changes and premium payments
  • Accessibility: SMS is a useful alternative to phone lines and web for citizens who can’t access these technologies to access public services information or book an appointment
  • Emergency notifications: SMS can be used to quickly notify citizens of emergencies, such as natural disasters or public health crises.
  • Service updates: SMS can be used to notify citizens of changes to public services, such as transit schedule changes or facility closures.
  • Community services and events: SMS can be used to request information or promote initiatives such as community clean-up days or public awareness campaigns.
  • Voter turnout reminders: Public sector bodies can use SMS to remind citizens about upcoming elections and encourage voter turnout.

SMS Benefits

SMS has some characteristics that make it particularly suited to mass communications with the public;

  • Improved communication with citizens: 2-way SMS allows public sector companies to quickly and easily communicate with citizens to provide information, updates, or request feedback.
  • Enhanced emergency response: In the event of an emergency, 2-way SMS can be used to quickly and efficiently communicate with citizens and coordinate a response.
  • Increased efficiency: With 2-way SMS, public sector companies can automate certain tasks, such as appointment reminders or survey responses, which can save time and improve efficiency.
  • Better data collection: Public sector companies can use 2-way SMS to gather citizen feedback or gather data for policy or planning purposes.
  • Greater reach: 2-way SMS allows public sector companies to communicate with citizens through a channel that is widely available, even in areas with limited internet connectivity.
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Púca SMS has helped Teagasc achieve significant cost savings and improve internal communication, data sharing, and end-user customer satisfaction. This customer story demonstrates how Púca's multiuser Impower SMS can effectively improve communication for organizations with many stakeholders.

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