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Teagasc: SMS for Organisation-wide communication

How Púca SMS helped find efficiencies and improve communications processes for Teagasc.

Teagasc: SMS for Organisation-wide communication


Teagasc, the Irish food and farming agency, wanted to improve communication and information management processes for. Specifically, their goals were;

  • Implement a more efficient and cost-effective way to send group text messages to key staff
  • Reduce reliance on traditional communication tools such as telephone and mail
  • Increase the flow of information from local, regional, and national groups back to the agency
  • Streamline communication and improve information management within the agency.


Teagasc originally implemented an early iteration of Púca’s platform which was successfully rolled out for over 1,600 staff at 50+ locations nationwide. 

Púca’s SMS platform provided tiered levels of access and an audit trail by location and user. It also allowed for the creation and management of multiple mailing groups and the ability to send/schedule messages using web and mobile interfaces. Teagasc was able to conduct membership surveys, share findings with members, and generate usage reports.

More recently, Teagasc have upgraded to Púca’s Impower™ SMS platform, which offers a streamlined user interface with easy user onboarding and offboarding, as well as more advanced multi-factor authentication.


Message volumes have increased by over 25% since moving to Impower which has been attributed to more users coming on board due to the product’s ease of use. Overall Púca SMS has helped Teagasc achieve significant cost savings and improve internal communication, data sharing, and end-user customer satisfaction. This case study demonstrates how SMS can effectively improve communication for organizations with many stakeholders.

Púca’s messaging has greatly improved communication and data sharing with our clients

ICT Analyst, Teagasc

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