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Permanent tsb: 2 Way Fraud Alerts

How Púca delivered an integrated 2-way SMS communication solution for Permanent tsb's fraud department.

Permanent tsb: 2 Way Fraud Alerts


Leading Irish bank Permanent tsb enlisted Púca to create an SMS communication platform for their fraud department that could accommodate multiple users, maintain an audit trail of all SMS messages sent to customers, and reduce the high volume of inbound and outbound calls.

“Permanent tsb are very forward thinking and agile in how they do things, and they adapt quickly to protect their customers. The results of this project are testament to the continued usefulness of SMS as an A2P channel especially when combined with other platforms and technologies.”

Eileen Carroll, Púca CEO


To meet these requirements, Púca developed a multi-user version of their Impower™ messaging product with features such as tiered access for different users, advanced password management, and multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator for enhanced security. 

This platform was implemented to support the fraud department’s efforts to monitor suspicious transactions and alert customers in real time.

“The initial big win of the project was the user management: we could onboard or offboard Fraud team members really quickly, and training was minimal due to the usability of the Impower™ platform.”

Dave Byrne, Fraud Manager, Permanent TSB

To further improve the efficiency of their SMS communication platform, Permanent tsb implemented a Robotic Process Automation (RPS) solution through the Automation Centre of Excellence at Group Operations. 

The RPA solution automates the process of gathering information, running SIM swap checks, and alerting customers of potential fraudulent transactions via SMS. Customers can then confirm or deny the suspicious activity with a simple “Y” or “N” response, allowing the fraud department to quickly and easily identify genuine transactions and reduce the number of inbound and outbound customer calls. 


The implementation of the Robotics solution via Púca’s SMS communication platform has had a significant impact on the efficiency of Permanent tsb’s fraud monitoring system. By automating certain processes and allowing customers to quickly and easily confirm or deny suspicious activity through SMS, the fraud department has been able to reduce the number of inbound and outbound calls and improve the customer journey.

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