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DHL Ireland: SMS Delivery Alerts

DHL Ireland needed to alert customers when additional documentation was required as part of customs clearance procedures.

DHL Ireland: SMS Delivery Alerts


DHL are the world’s best known and largest logistics company, with services spanning shipping, courier and transportation. They have over 380,000 employees and offices in over 220 countries and territories.

DHL Ireland needed to send alerts to customers to let them know if additional documentation was required as part of customs clearance procedures, in order to help the customer avoid any delays or additional storage fees.


SMS is an ideal way to communicate time-sensitive delivery information to customers, with almost 100% read rate and 90% of messages read within the first 3 minutes.

DHL Ireland chose Púca’s SMS platform as a robust and reliable messaging solution that would enable DHL’s contact centre staff to manage and send personalised message templates to their customers.


DHL have found the Púca messaging platform to be extremely reliable, and that it gives them the added advantage of real-time visibility on message delivery status which was particularly important due to the time-sensitive nature of the messages.

“SMS is very useful for issuing import delivery updates to DHL customers, and Púca’s platform gives us full visibility on the message status which is essential. Over the years we have used Púca we have always found their support levels to be excellent”.

DHL Head of eShipping

Púca’s Eileen Carroll commented;

“As messaging specialists we really take pride in what our services can achieve for our clients. We are proud to play our small role in helping DHL to continually exceed their customers’ expectations”.

Eileen Carroll, Púca CEO

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