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Unlock the power of SMS with Impower™

Impower™ makes it incredibly simple for your team to communicate by SMS with your customers and staff.

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Outbound and inbound SMS is such a powerful medium for communicating with your customers or staff . Whether you want to send bulk SMS to a large audience or communicate one-to-one, you’re in safe hands with Púca’s Impower™ console.

When we built Impower™ we designed it for teams – so ease of use and rapid onboarding were foremost in our minds. You can have any number of staff using Impower™ simultaneously, and all messages they send are tracked by user and location.

Read on for some of Impower’s features and benefits, and if you have any questions or you would like a free trial then please get in touch!

Púca SMS network in Ireland and globally

Business Messaging

Impower™ SMS Console

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Impower™ Features

Impower™ has some great features that your team will enjoy;

  • Tiered access console
  • Message templates with data fields
  • Messages tracked by user and location
  • Filter by date / delivery status
  • Inbound messaging
  • Developer APIs

Impower™ Benefits

Real-time communication is proven to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and Impower™ is delivering real results for the organisations using it;

  • Faster information flow
  • Saves time by reducing inbound queries
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Secure user management
  • Local support when you need it
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Contact Centres: SMS Use cases

There are a number of smart ways that contact centres can use Impower™ for improved customer touchpoints and business efficiencies.

  • Time sensitive notifications
  • Prime contacts before outbound calling
  • Early renewal offers
  • Reduce IVR bottlenecks with call deflection
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Security and Privacy

We understand that security and privacy are foremost in our client minds. As a registered EEA data processor all our customer data is handled securely and according to GDPR best practice.

  • 2 Factor authentication
  • Strong passwords
  • EEA data processing
  • Configurable data retention periods
  • Resilient platform monitored 24/7
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Why do I need SMS?

Is your business looking for an impactful way to reach customers and staff? Then SMS is for you. Here are some of the compelling reasons SMS is so essential in the communications mix;

  • It has an 98% open rate
  • 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes
  • SMS is available on all mobile phones
  • SMS does not rely on internet access


"Púca’s API and 2-way SMS functionality is working really well with our automated robotic process and we’re seeing a massive benefit"
Fraud Manager, Permanent TSB

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What are our customers saying?

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“Training was minimal due to the usability of the Impower platform.”

Fraud Manager
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“We find SMS is extremely effective for all types of urgent communication, and the Impower console is very easy to use.”

ICT Operations Manager
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“An extremely effective and cost efficient direct marketing tool for our marketing team.”

Customer Retention Manager, eir
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“Over the years we have used Púca we have always found their support levels to be excellent.”

Head of eShipping, DHL Ireland

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