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Engage customers with Impower™ SMS Inbox

Shouldn’t messaging be a 2-way street? With Impower™ SMS Inbox your customers will feel more connected to your business or brand.

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What is Impower™ SMS Inbox?

Business  messaging isn’t only about sending outbound notifications. Whether you’re a radio station, a utility, a public body or an insurance company, allowing customers to reply shows you value them.

Impower™ SMS Inbox can offer a great 2-way experience simply by providing a way for customers to reply in real time. You see the messages in the console, and you can click to reply or export to take another action. SMS Inbox can also be added to Impower™ API accounts, so incoming messages can trigger real-time autoreplies.

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SMS Inbox use cases and benefits

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Use Cases

There are a number of different customer touchpoints where SMS Inbox can improve your communication flow.

  • Reply to appointment reminders
  • Reply to fraud prevention updates
  • Radio station comment lines
  • Account top-up or balance requests
  • Telco “Call me” requests
  • Brand competitions
  • Marketing opt out or opt-in


An SMS Inbox gives you a lot of flexibility to receive messages from customers on the go;

  • Convenience: customers can respond instantly
  • Improved customer satisfaction: customers feel more engaged and valued.
  • Nimble: fast to set up and edit
  • Flexible: integrate with web chat or other digital channels
  • Available even without internet access
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Showcase: How Permanent tsb use Impower™ SMS Inbox to combat fraud

Leading Irish bank Permanent tsb use Púca's Impower™ SMS Inbox with a dedicated short code and API so they can notify customers of possible fraud events, and customers can reply. With constant pressure on their contact team to answer high call volumes from concerned customers, the Fraud department wanted to convert the majority of inbound calls into inbound SMS which could be handled more rapidly, saving time to focus on the most pressing fraud cases.

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