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About Us

Meet the team. And the Púcas.

We take our technology seriously, but this is the fun part where we introduce the team and talk about our brand heritage. Now where did those cute Púcas get to?!

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Our Evolution

Back in the early 2000s, Púca blazed a trail as one of the first mobile marketing companies in Europe. Our bread and butter at the time was crafting interactive brand campaigns for major players like Guinness, Mars, Cadbury, and Coca-Cola and their agencies. But as we poured more resources into developing our SMS platform and APIs, we started noticing some promising use cases for business messaging.

Fast forward to the late noughties, and we had shifted our focus to serving the enterprise market with our SMS and app solutions. Since then, we’ve been thrilled to see our business grow in this space, particularly in Ireland and the UK. We count some big names among our clients and partners, and we take great pride in helping these companies thrive by delivering powerful messaging solutions tailored to their needs. Read on for more about some of our recent innovations and our brand heritage…

We continue to research and develop new ways for our clients to reach their customers. Next in our sights for 2024 is RCS (or SMS+) which is a way to deliver richer functionality and a better user experience to business messaging.

Our leadership team

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Our brand heritage

The Púca company and brand was conceived by Eamon Hession (pictured below), our late founder and product visionary.

The Púca logo was designed by Paul Donnellon of VoodooDog Animation who also designed the original versions of our Púca characters which you’ll meet shortly.

Our brand refresh

In early 2023 we re-designed this website with Simply Zesty. One change you may notice is across the top menus where the new ‘swoop’ device echoes the ‘fada’ (accent) in our Púca logo.

Our main objective was to be concise and clear about our proposition while staying true to our brand identity, which we hope we’ve achieved.

We’re planning to bring you more of our messaging know-how in video form to make it more easily digestible. And as we build out our partnerships and platform we’ll keep the website updated.

You’re very welcome to sign up to our occasional newsletter in the menu bar below, and please follow us on LinkedIn which is our main social media outlet.

Where does the name come from?

The Púca (Pooka) was a mythical shapeshifter or impish character that appears in different guises in many old Irish folk legends and stories. The word has counterparts in other languages across the Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian cultures of Northern Europe dating back to the 8th century or even earlier. (Wikipedia)

In Ireland there are numerous cultural events linked to the Púca. The Puck fair takes place every August in Killorglin, County Kerry. Also the Púca Festival takes place during Hallowe’en in County Meath.

Our core platform Impower™ is a play on words – Imp + power. The imps of course being our Púcas.

Meet the Púcas

Our Púcas are definitely the friendliest kind. Kind of like Irish Yuru-Chara or mascots.

These little guys have been a part of our company’s identity since we started and we’re so fond of them we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet. They may just pop up on our 404 pages soon… “This page was eaten by a Púca” perhaps?

Social responsibility

We believe that every company can make a positive impact, and we are always striving to make improvements;

  • Reducing carbon footprint: we are working to streamline our infrastructure and decrease the carbon costs associated with data hosting where possible.
  • Responsible marketing: we are a paperless office, and we also work to highlight to our clients the positive climate effects of reducing data usage, for example by sending an SMS instead of data-heavy methods of communication.
  • Improving our staff experience: by ensuring that Púca is a safe and pleasant place to work. An important aspect of this is our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Charitable local giving: every year we donate our Christmas Card fund to a local charity. Last Christmas we chose the Irish Hospice Foundation who provide the most wonderful and compassionate care to loved ones and their families who need support and respite during end of life care.

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