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Thorntons Recycling: SMS and app solutions

How Púca helped Thorntons Recycling transform their communications with customers and drivers.

Thorntons Recycling: SMS and app solutions


Thorntons Recycling were moving away from moving from paper-based processes and wanted to use SMS to communicate more efficiently around account top up and bin collection reminders. In addition, they wanted a self-service app to allow customers to access their account details more conveniently and get real time information and service updates.

The challenge was to link the app to their existing Waste Management System and payments so that customers could check and ‘top-up’ their account as well as access collection schedules and calendar information.


Púca’s appWorks team worked closely with Thorntons to design and develop a “customer self care app” for their Domestic Waste Service customers. The app is available in both iOS and Android app stores. The app integrates with the WIS Waste Management System so customers can access collection schedules and calendar information. The app also integrates with Prommt secure payments to allow customers to check their balance and ‘top-up’ their account, providing a convenient “always on” service channel.

Following the success of the Thorntons consumer app, Púca developed an Android-only field services app which enables Thorntons drivers to complete truck safety checks and submit reports from the field, eliminating these paper-based processes. Púca also provides an SMS API that enables Weighsoft their Commercial Waste Management System provider to send notifications by SMS and receive replies.

Púca have acted as our trusted advisor and app development partner… I would highly recommend Púca to any company wanting to deliver a great app experience.”

Lorraine Spierien, Head of Customer Care at Thorntons Recycling

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