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Tennent’s Northern Ireland: Mobile rewards app

Tennents and Elevator Promotional Marketing launched a successful rewards app offering free pints of Tennent’s at participating venues across Northern Ireland.

Tennent’s Northern Ireland: Mobile rewards app

T’APP was a mobile voucher app for consumers in Northern Ireland to receive Free Pint rewards from Tennent’s Lager.

The T’APP concept and campaign was designed by Tennent’s NI agency Elevator Promotional Marketing, with the iOS and Android app development and mobile voucher technology delivered by Púca appWorks.

Once downloaded onto a device T’APP displayed a list of participating bars in Northern Ireland. App users received push notifications with “Free Pint” mobile vouchers on selected dates.

To activate their free pint vouchers uers clicked the notification to launch the app and selected the venue where they would like to enjoy their pint of Tennent’s. They then presented the mobile voucher in the bar to receive their complimentary drink before the voucher expires.

The participating venues didn’t require any special technology to redeem the one-time use vouchers – they simply entered their unique venue code and the voucher was then redeemed.

T’APP Launch

Following the launch of T’APP the downloads and redemption rates surpassed expectations. We asked Elevator Director Geoff Johnston for his reaction following the launch.

“The app was just released last weekend and it already looks like Tennent’s consumers are responding really well and the app is getting five star reviews which is great. We love the notifications and the fact that we can track real-time voucher redemptions in all the venues taking part”.

Geoff Johnston, Elevator Promotional Marketing

Campaign Results

A follow-up survey was conducted by TNI of 182 consumers who had downloaded the App and claimed at least one voucher.

The results of the survey, combined with data from the campaign are brought together in this infographic. Amongst the notable findings are that 94% of purchased at least one pint of Tennent’s after claiming their free pint and that 79.1% encouraged friends to visit a bar with them because of the App.

Eileen Carroll, Client Services Director at Púca also commented;

“We’re delighted to be working with Elevator on this rewards campaign for Tennent’s. The T’APP campaign is a great showcase of mobile vouchering technology and how branded apps can deliver a truly engaging and rewarding “brand in hand” experience”.

Eileen Carroll, Púca CEO

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