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SMS plays an important part in communications between healthcare organisations and their staff and customers. Find out more below.

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SMS messaging for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, 2-way SMS is a valuable tool that allows hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to communicate with patients and staff with timely, relevant information, even to those with basic mobile phones. The ease of access to this technology coupled with its high open rates, make it a perfect medium for delivering important reminders, updates, and emergency alerts.

SMS technology is not only cost-effective, but it also ensures reliable communication during crises when other communication channels may be limited. Organizations can quickly launch health information initiatives over text message, without the need for complex and expensive websites.

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Optimising communications with SMS

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SMS Use Cases

Here are some of the main ways that healthcare organisations are using SMS;

  • Reduce DNAs: Hospitals and healthcare providers can use SMS to remind patients of upcoming appointments, helping to reduce no-shows.
  • Test results: SMS can be used to quickly notify patients of test results and provide instructions on next steps.
  • Medication reminders: Patients can opt-in to receive SMS reminders about when to take their medication.
  • Procedure preparation: Hospitals can use SMS to provide patients with information on how to prepare for procedures, such as fasting instructions.
  • Emergency notifications: SMS can be used to quickly notify patients of emergencies, such as Covid 19 or other public health crises.
  • Recruitment notifications: notify candidates of new roles.

SMS Benefits

SMS has some characteristics that make it particularly suited for healthcare communications;

  • Immediacy: SMS is a fast and efficient way to communicate updates and reminders
  • Increased efficiency: reduce missed appointments.
  • Enhanced emergency response: In the event of an emergency, 2-way SMS can be used to quickly and efficiently communicate with staff and coordinate a response.
  • Greater reach: 2-way SMS allows healthcare organisations to communicate with patients through a channel that is widely available, even in areas with limited internet connectivity.
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Core product

Unlock the power of SMS with Impower™

Impower™ SMS console

Our Impower™ console makes it incredibly simple for your team to communicate by SMS with your customers and staff.

Impower™ SMS API

Our developer RESTful API is the fastest way to integrate SMS messaging into your customer journeys.


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“Púca’s messaging platform really came into its own during the pandemic when we had had to notify our member pharmacies of time-sensitive Covid and vaccination updates.”

Irish Pharmacy Union,
Programmes & Campaign Manager
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“Púca's messaging technology and support has been an essential component of the success of the Emergency Call Answering Service project.”

BT Ireland,
Head of ECAS

How SMS has proved vital during the Covid Pandemic

During the pandemic, the Irish Healthcare sector has been under immense pressure and the frontline healthcare professionals within it are often overstretched. There has never been a more important time to ensure that communications are on point and SMS messaging is flexible, immediate and concise enough to ensure that vital communications are received and read on time by staff and customers.

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