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Púca is a small company, but our mission to help our clients is unwavering. We’re experts in our field and we believe in continuous improvement. If you feel this is the kind of company for you, let us know!

You can either call us on +353 1 499 5090, fill in the form below or email us and we’ll respond as soon as possible!



At Púca we believe in always keeping a work/life balance in place. When the work day is over, your personal life should begin. Your life and your work should be harmonious.

Trust is everything.

We trust the people we hire, and we hire good people. This is why Púca has been in business for so many years.

We also believe in taking care of our staff, so with that in mind we offer certain benefits for working with us.

  • Company health insurance
  • Remote working
  • Generous sick leave

    Our valued clients include