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How are SMS APIs good for business?

1 March 2021

How are SMS APIs good for business?

Púca’s SMS gateway carries many millions of SMS messages for our corporate clients every year, and we talk to clients daily about automating messaging flows to improve their business processes. In this blog we explore why you should consider integrated your business systems with an SMS API.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API (short for Application Programming Interface) is a secure web interface that your developer can connect your application to and allow it to send and receive SMS messages. Each message can be sent at the exact time that a customer is interacting with your business, such as when they are requesting information or completing an order.

Using an API is a big leap forward from doing “batch and blast” SMS as it saves a lot of effort and man hours in setting up text-outs manually. Instead, you can send SMS dynamically based on triggers set up in your core application whether that be an ERP, CRM, appointments application and so on.

“In order to remain competitive, one must adapt to the new ways of selling products and services, such as integrating with an API for sending SMS messages.”

SMS APIs are particularly suitable for sending transactional SMS where the customer expects to receive the message immediately after an interaction;

“An SMS API can automate text messaging so that manual involvement isn’t necessary to distribute messages. With APIs, you can schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time and then forget about it. This can make a noticeable difference in expediting workflows especially if you often send the same types of text messages.”

Impower-ing your business processes

We recently launched our all-new Impower JSON API for businesses looking to introduce automation to their SMS communication flows. 

Here are some of its features that your IT team will appreciate;

  •  HTTP and REST standards that are developer-friendly and broadly understood
  •  Easily accessed and fully documented in our developer portal
  •  Monitored and managed for performance and scale
  •  Configurable Data retention period
  •  Full SLA with escalation procedures

Your customer care team also benefits. Real time delivery information means so they know if a message has failed for any reason. Outbound and inbound messages are logged in the same console as your manual text-outs so there is no need for a separate console.

Impower API

Getting started

The good news is that the Impower API is free to Púca Impower console users and users of our Message Manager API. 

If you’d like to find out more get in touch with our Customer Success Team.

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