Mobile Coupons: The Future is Now!

Puca coupon marketing with iBeacon

The days of the paper coupon are numbered. If you haven’t already gone mobile, then 2015 is definitely the time to do it. Digital coupons provide far greater convenience for consumers, as well as unprecedented opportunities for geotargeted promotions and analytics. Out of the 350 billion coupons distributed last year, it is estimated that just 1% of print coupons were […]

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Introducing Púca Email

Puca Email Marketing

We’re delighted to introduce you to our latest new service, Púca Email, our powerful new email marketing platform that can transform your digital communications. Púca Email is incredibly easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface that enables you to create, automate, test and send emails in minutes. And as with our industry leading SMS and Mobile […]

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Welcome to Wonderful


Developed as a native app for iOS and Android by Púca, with sparkling branding from Dublin agency Javelin, the Wonder Card App is real stand-out amongst retail loyalty schemes. Arnotts customers can now sign up for the Wonder Card scheme and immediately start earning points “anytime, anywhere and on anything” through their Wonder Card App. They no […]

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Going Mobile – The Next Big Thing in Loyalty Marketing

While the concept of loyalty marketing is nothing new, the hoohah that surrounds the recent explosion of loyalty marketing programs and mobile apps is much deserved. Never before have brands and businesses been able to segment, personalize and connect with consumers in such an efficient, relevant and timely manner. Some of the contributing factors have been a more scientific […]

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Eircode 2015 – Impacts for Business and Mobile Marketing


In case you don’t yet know (possibly like 85% of the population) in 2015, Ireland will make a little bit of history by implementing a brand new postcode system called Eircode. The plan is that this will enable people and businesses to find every address in Ireland much more efficiently and ultimately make life easier. […]

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Púca-developed Arnotts app shortlisted for eircom Spiders

Arnotts promo_small

The Arnotts Wonder Card app developed by Púca has been shortlisted in the prestigious eircom Spiders in the category “Best App”. The award ceremony take place on the evening of 20th November 2014. Established in 1996, the eircom Spiders are now in their 19th year making them the longest standing internet awards in Ireland. About the […]

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