My Mobile Life with Gordon Newman of Life Style Sports

in Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Marketing, My Mobile Life March 18, 2015 .

Gordon Headshot (1)

Our latest “My Mobile Life” profiles Gordon Newman, eCommerce Manager of Life Style Sports since 2011. Life Style Sports is Ireland’s largest sports retailer and one of our most loved brands, with 64 stores nationwide and an online store which launched in 2012. Gordon is an eCommerce veteran with infectious enthusiasm for the difference that eCommerce can make to the Customer’s experience of a brand. In 2014, Life Style Sports launched multichannel operations, providing Customers with an in-store eCommerce experience that is second to none.

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The 5 Steps to SMART Promotions

in Loyalty, Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Marketing, On-pack Promotions March 4, 2015 .


Promotional marketing is a tried and trusted way to drive sales and to make a brand stand out from its competitors. In recent years traditional ‘cut out and keep’ and other paper-based promotion mechanics have been supplemented by text-to-win and web-based promotions. But with the increasing prevalence of Smartphone-carrying customers and the growing acceptance and adoption by consumers of features such as location-based services and image-scanning, brands now have the ability to create promotions that will truly excite and engage their audience while at the same time providing them with much greater insight than previously possible.

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My Mobile Life with Edel McCarthy at Electric Ireland

in Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing, My Mobile Life March 3, 2015 .

Edel (690w)

This week Edel McCarthy (Group Sponsorship Manager at Electric Ireland) tells us about her Mobile Life.  Edel is responsible for both Electric Ireland’s and ESB’s sponsorship portfolio including ESB, an online dating style site which identifies local options for exploring Ireland’s woodlands.

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Email Marketing goes Mobile

in Business Efficiency, Email, Location-based Services, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Marketing February 11, 2015 .


The time has come for the old reliable format of the email to experience a fundamental change and adapt to those who use their devices on the go.

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My Mobile Life with Paul Candon of Topaz

in Mobile Marketing, My Mobile Life February 6, 2015 .


Púca’s “My Mobile Life” interview series continues with our roving reporter catching up with Paul Candon, Marketing and Corporate Service Director for Topaz Energy Group. Paul is a Board Member of numerous organisations including Retail Excellence Ireland and the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), as well as being a Member of the Irish Marketing Institute (IMI).

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Mobile Coupons: The Future is Now!

in Location-based Services, Loyalty, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing January 26, 2015 .


The days of the paper coupon are numbered. If you haven’t already gone mobile, then 2015 is definitely the time to do it. Digital coupons provide far greater convenience for consumers, as well as unprecedented opportunities for 350 billion coupons distributed last year, it is estimated that just 1% of print coupons were redeemed compared to a whopping 10% redemption rate for mobile coupons.

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Introducing Púca Email

in Business Efficiency, Company News, Email January 23, 2015 .


We’re delighted to introduce you to our latest new service, Púca Email, our powerful new email marketing platform that can transform your digital communications.

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Welcome to Wonderful

in Loyalty, Mobile Apps, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Marketing January 6, 2015 .


Developed as a native app for Javelin, the Wonder Card App is real stand-out amongst retail loyalty schemes.

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Going Mobile – The Next Big Thing in Loyalty Marketing

in Loyalty, Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing January 8, 2015 .


While the concept of loyalty marketing is nothing new, the hoohah that surrounds the recent explosion of loyalty marketing programs and mobile apps is much deserved. Never before have brands and businesses been able to segment, personalize and connect with consumers in such an efficient, relevant and timely manner.

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My Mobile Life, with Bob Hoffman of the Sales Institute

in Mobile Marketing, My Mobile Life January 8, 2015 .

Chairman's Lunch-Denis O'Brien

As part of our “My Mobile Life” series we recently caught up with Bob Hoffman CEO of the Sales Institute of Ireland to talk about his perspective on Mobile in his everyday life. His experience in the mobile and telecoms sector is impressive – from Verizon to Bitbuzz and Telefonica to BT. He is also on a first name basis with everyone from Denis O’Brien to Louise Phelan of PayPal.

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