Agencies / FMCG: 7 ways to Win at SMS Competitions

Púca's Ronan McDermott explores how brands and agencies can get the most out of Text to Win Competitions and maximise engagement with your customers.

Agencies / FMCG: 7 ways to Win at SMS Competitions

In this blog I’m going to talk about just some of the ways you can get the most out of your text to win competitions.

SMS Competitions can be a highly effective marketing tool when you consider how easy it is to implement and that 53% of consumers saying they feel more positive toward brands that use mobile messaging to communicate (Sparkconejo).

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7 ways to Win at SMS Competitions

1. Variety is the spice of life

Not all competitions are the same – there are quite a few different mechanics available to you including golden ticket-style instant-win competitions, winning moments, one-in-X wins and even everyone’s a winner (you might need insurance for this one). Each of these has its own advantages depending on things like how many prizes you have and how you want to distribute them, and whether the competition is a rate of sale driver or an opt-in driver.

2. Be Unique

It sounds obvious but worth mentioning the importance of being adventurous and creative. Brands – don’t underestimate the importance of eye catching prizes and good copywriting – both of which can inject some fun and increase the attraction to potential participants. This is where working with a great promotions agency makes all the difference so we recommend that you involve a creative team in addition to your SMS supplier.

3. Ease of Entry

Ensure your text to win competition is simple and easy to enter – we encourage our customers to set up competitions with easy to action simple to use, memorable keywords. Don’t expect your customers to have the patience to type out a lot of details into a text message – if you want to capture more details you can split the questions over 2-step mechanic, or link to a competition landing page.

4. Use campaign restrictions wisely

Depending on the nature of the campaign, it can be wise to include certain restrictions to ensure your campaign runs as smoothly as possible. For example, some of our campaigns restrict entries to one entry per day or one entry per campaign to ensure the same individuals aren’t continuously entering the competition. Some competitions such as alcohol promotions may be age restricted or only open at certain times of day.

5. Keep your customers informed

When your customers enter your competition, it can be great user experience to send them a ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Next Steps’ text back as this can be a smart way of keeping them updated, engaged and interested in the competition.

6. Be fully data-protected

With the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, it’s important that you manage your customers data from your competition in a compliant and secure manner. You can check out our sales promotion GDPR tips here.

7. Track your campaign

It’s crucial to track your competitions performances to ensure you’re getting the most of your campaign. You want live statistics and custom reporting so you can keep abreast of what’s going on in your campaign and even track entries by location or other criteria.

Planning a competition?

At Púca we’ve done hundreds of text to win competitions over the years and have a few entry mechanics and tips up our sleeve to help you make your campaign a success.

You can reach out to us on our contact page here or call us on +353 1 499 5090.

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