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Why Mobile Coupons should be integral to your Mobile Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

We take a look at why mobile coupons should be included in your next mobile marketing campaign with supporting global trends that are neatly summarised in a take away infographic.

Why Mobile Coupons should be integral to your Mobile Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Mobile coupons are undoubtedly a proven incentive mechanism for the modern marketer. Not only do they promote brand awareness they also increase shopping frequency amongst consumers.

These digital coupons can be location triggered and highly personalised. In fact a mobile coupon industry report carried out by Koupon Media found that a personalised coupon motivates 39% of people to spend more.

Moreover consumers are becoming increasingly open to mobile interactions from retailers while they shop in store. The digitally connected consumer of today expects their favourite retailers to provide a highly personalised in store experience. In support of this, a global report from Nielsen found that consumers in Europe (11%) and North America (26%) were already using this type of in-store digital engagement.

With emerging mobile coupon technologies able to meet consumer demands it’s no wonder Juniper research is stating that there will be over 1 billion mobile coupon users by 2019.

Here’s a sharable infographic to support your mobile coupon strategy.

(Click Infographic to enlarge)

Mobile Coupons Statistics 2016

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