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How to Supercharge your campaign with a branded Promotions App

Our Promotions App solution makes it easy for brands and retailers to ramp up promotions and reward campaigns.

How to Supercharge your campaign with a branded Promotions App

Brands, Retailers and their agencies are always on the hunt for ways to make their sales promotions and on-pack campaigns stand out from the crowd. Price promotions and multi-buy offers are declining in popularity (Marketing Week) and there is now a renewed impetus towards winning over consumers with brand-building and loyalty / rewards initiatives.

With this in mind we’re launching our Branded Promotions App solution which supports this value-add approach. The app comes read-built for iOS and Android and is fully brandable and customisable to specific campaign rules.

In a moment we’ll take a look at some of the Promotions Apps we’ve built for brands like West Coast Cooler and Tennent’s Northern Ireland, but first here’s a round-up of the killer features of our Promotions App solution.

Our 5 Killer Promotions App Features;

  1. Supports a variety of reward mechanics: instant win, winning moments, collection etc
  2. Built in scanner for scan to win, collect, launch “enhanced content”
  3. Issue In-app Vouchers and redeem in venues, stores, or online
  4. Respond to user behaviour, location or external factors (e.g. purchase item, enter store, weather etc)
  5. Personalised App Push and SMS notifications

Underlying these killer features are our Secure registration process with 2 factor user authentication, live app reports and voucher redemption reports, and integration with back-end loyalty databases for real time data synch.

FMCG Promotions Apps

FMCG brands, particularly alchohol brands but also food and non-alcoholic beverages, can use branded apps to effectively engage with consumers, issue rewards, drive product sampling to footfall to their key venues.

Promotions such as the Thursday Club for West Coast Cooler brand saw the Irish Distillers brand using mobile technology to reward customers with secure digital vouchers for redemption across 30 pubs in Ireland. The campaign was an early example of “multichannel” in that it incorporated an app, a mobile-friendly site, as well as Facebook and SMS integration.

The Tennent’s T’App campaign in Northern Ireland is a recent example which has seen a great response this summer both in terms of downloads and voucher redemptions. Once downloaded onto a device T’APP displays a list of participating bars in Northern Ireland, and will send push notifications with “Free Pint” mobile vouchers on selected dates.

Users click the notification to launch the app and activate their free pint voucher by selecting the venue where they would like to enjoy their pint of Tennent’s. They then present the mobile voucher in the bar to receive their complimentary drink before the voucher expires.

Tennent's T'APP app

Food brands are also using apps to amplify their promotions. Fyffes Ireland ran an on-pack campaign to reinforce their sponsorship of the Gorilla Rainforest at Dublin Zoo. The campaign involved unique on-pack codes with a branded Freddy Fyffes’ branded app and responsive site to drive engagement. The app featured an in-built code scanner that allowed consumers to scan and collect 3 on-pack codes and claim a Kids-Go-Free ticket to Dublin Zoo. The completion rates were astonishingly high at 97% – of those beginning the collection actually collecting the full set of codes.

Retail Loyalty and Promotions Apps

Retailers have also been using loyalty apps to get closer to their customers. Arnotts Wonder Card app was launched in 2015 and offers the convenience of a “plastic-free” user experience combined with real-time addition of points at the point of sale.

Retail loyalty apps can really create a “wow factor” by building on the core loyalty features (points balance, scan membership card, alerts etc) and provide users with access to location-specific “enhanced content”. For example, customers could use a built-in scanner to enter an in-store competition, to access AR content or to add items to a shopping list.

A stand-out feature for retail apps is “store mode” whereby the app can welcome you with a personalised message and / or offer. According to a recent article in Retail Dive, retail apps with store mode drive up to 5 times more interactions.

“Millennials, in particular, prefer digital engagement versus store associate interaction during their in-store path to purchase, thus challenging retailers traditional store operations models” (Peter Coleman of Storemode).

Supercharge your Mobile Marketing

The options are limitless, but it is essential to have an underlying platform to manage the database integration, competitions, offers and rewards. This is where Púca’s platform and expertise comes in handy.

If your objective is to truly engage your customers with fun, engaging mobile promotions and loyalty, why not download our Smart Promotional Marketing Product White Paper to find out more.

Smart Promotional Marketing Whitepaper Cover

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