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SMS Vs Email: Is there a clear winner? (infographic)

When communicating with your customers you want to maximize reach and engagement from every communications activity. So which is better - SMS or Email?

SMS Vs Email: Is there a clear winner? (infographic)

We have been asked by a number of customers about the pros and cons of using SMS Vs email. At face value you might think that SMS is the underdog given the relatively high cost and limitations on content.

However cost and content are not the only deciders. Cut-through and immediacy are also important and this is where SMS excels.

To help you decide where SMS might be relevant to your business we’ve put together the following infographic with some key statistics;


SMS Vs Email



SMS has some great advantages over email, but it’s not a question of either / or and many businesses are successfully using these channels to complement rather than replace each other. To find the right combination of channels for your business and customers you need to continually iterate and adapt your communications to discover what’s going to work. 




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