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Smarter than your average on-pack campaign

Fyffe’s latest promotion enables consumers to use their smartphones to scan and redeem unique barcode stickers on Freddy Fyffe’s bananas in promotional packs. The codes can be redeemed (for a free kid’s ticket to Dublin Zoo) either on the website or using the built-in scanner in the Freddy Fyffes app (available to Android users). The branded app also uses Facebook registration so the consumer can share the promotion with their friends if they wish.

Smarter than your average on-pack campaign

To try it out simply download the Freddy Fyffe’s app and scan a code inside the special Freddy Fyffe’s promotional packs. If you don’t have a smartphone you can enter the codes on the campaign website.

About Smartkode

At the core of the technical delivery of the Fyffe’s promotion is SmartKode™ – Púca’s digital voucher platform which enables consumers to avail of on-pack offers, mobile coupons and vouchers from Brands and Retailers either via their mobile handset, Facebook or other digital channels. The brand benefits by creating an ongoing 1-to-1 relationship with the consumer, reducing redemption costs, and gaining the ability to respond in real time to live campaign results.

Although QR codes have appeared in advertising, media and packaging in recent years, these have to date been mostly ‘static’ codes providing a connection to a website with little ‘intelligence’ built into the code itself. SmartKode enables brands to associate a variety of events with each unique barcode, such as the allocation of rewards and points, social media updates, or time and location-specific interactions. Each code is unique and can only be used once, thus providing a robust proof of purchase mechanic to drive incremental brand sales.

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