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The 5 Steps to SMART Promotions

Promotional marketing is a tried and trusted way to drive sales and to make a brand stand out from its competitors. In recent years traditional ‘cut out and keep’ and other paper-based promotion mechanics have been supplemented by text-to-win and web-based promotions. But with the increasing prevalence of Smartphone-carrying customers and the growing acceptance and adoption by consumers of features such as location-based services and image-scanning, brands now have the ability to create promotions that will truly excite and engage their audience while at the same time providing them with much greater insight than previously possible.

So here is our 5-step guide to creating what we call ‘SMART’ on-pack and in-store promotions to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

The 5 Steps to SMART Promotions

Púca’s 5 Steps to SMART Promotional Marketing:

1. Utilise Smartphone features – let users redeem your promotion with an iPhone or Android app. You can also incorporate a scanner into your app enabling users to scan a code using the phone’s native camera, as an alternative to texting or manually entering the code. Smartphones also allow you to implement a whole array of location features such as “find my nearest”, geo-fencing, micro-targeting or tracking using the phone’s built-in GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities.

2. Make it Multichannel – Your consumers navigate their daily lives through multiple digital channels, so make sure you take advantage of all opportunities for engagement – so integrate your promotion across SMS, App, Web and Social. Let customers chose whatever channel suits them best wherever there are at any time.

3. Amplify with Social media – If a consumer has won or earned a reward, give them the opportunity to share their winning moment! Any social shares should link back to the campaign landing page or app store link. Encourage sharing by using “friend get friend” incentives.

4. Redeem and Reward your customers – Using Unique Codes or scannable barcodes will allow you to link each entry with a unique proof of purchase, manage your prize pool, and prevent over-redemption and fraud. You can also use unique voucher codes to issue digital coupons, which can be measured and tracked. These can provide money-off and other incentives or used to handle prize redemption.

5. Target your promotions with personalised incentives to individual customers or segments, create automated behavioural Triggers (e.g. enter 3 times and get a voucher), and Track behaviour and conversions with campaign analytics. With ‘SMART’ promotions you can react quickly to campaign behaviour and adjust your promotion mechanic accordingly.

Our multichannel digital marketing platform SmartKode is optimised for creating SMART promotions. Give us a call anytime to see how we can help you execute innovative and compelling promotional marketing campaigns with SmartKode.

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