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Thorntons Recycling

Driver App


The Thorntons Driver App was designed for operator safety checks and reporting. This app allows drivers login, complete a safety check, scan bin codes and capture images of contaminated bins and relay that information directly to the database report damage/issues.


Thorntons wanted to move away from laborious paper based reporting, and engaged with Púca to create a driver safety and reporting app.

Púca developed a basic user management interface and two factor authentication which allows the app to keep the user “logged in” for an agreed period (e.g up to a week). Thornton’s have backend user management of the app, enabling them to add new drivers and view reports. A built in scanner and camera allows drivers scan and submit bin codes and photos to add to their report.


With Púca’s help, Thornton’s was able to increase efficiency and reduce their reliance on paper based processes.


“I would highly recommend Púca to any company wanting to deliver a great app experience”

Finance Manager

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