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MyCornmarket - Self Service App


The MyCornmarket App is a facility which can be accessed through the mobile app or MyCornmarket.ie. A 24/7 self-service app providing the customer with up to date policy information, useful contact lists, investment details, and tailored features for their personal policy.


The objective of ‘MyCornmarket’ was to create a multichannel, integrated, customer centric experience. The responsive web portal and native mobile app across iOS and Android platforms, both provide full self-service facilities and allows customers to access information anytime, anywhere.

Púca had to integrate both the website and the app with Cornmarket’s backend systems via a REST API to deliver a dynamic, personalised experience to all users.


Púca’s in-house push notification platform communicates with users about upcoming payments and related offers, reducing customer reliance on call centres restricted by Cornmarket’s office hours.

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