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My Mobile Life, with Bob Hoffman of the Sales Institute

As part of our “My Mobile Life” series we recently caught up with Bob Hoffman CEO of the Sales Institute of Ireland to talk about his perspective on Mobile in his everyday life.

My Mobile Life, with Bob Hoffman of the Sales Institute

And Bob was one of the very first people in Ireland to send a text message way back in March 1997 during his time at Esat Digifone (now O2/Three).  Cool!

Bob Hoffman: My Mobile Life

Q:        What gets you out of bed in the morning?
A:        My iPhone alarm.

Q:        Is your phone one of the first things that you reach for?
A:        Absolutely… it’s my umbilical cord!

Q:        Do you remember the make or model of your very first mobile phone?Nokia-20101
A:        Yes, it was a Nokia 2010

Q:        Could you live without your Smartphone?
A:        Absolutely not.

Q:        Do you have a tablet as well?
A:        Yes – a late adopter but now I use it a lot.

Q:        How many mobile/connected devices do you have?
A:        I’d say about 16 in my house.

Q:        What’s your favourite feature on your current Smartphone?
A:        Email.

Q:        What would be your ‘Desert Island’ App?
A:        Google Maps.

Q:        Do you use M-Commerce?
A:        Yes – parking tag nearly every day.

Q:        Ever used mobile coupons?
A:        Yes. I particularly like the mobile boarding pass for flights.

Q:        What’s the last thing you purchased via mobile?
A:        Parking – earlier today.

Q:        Any loyalty apps on your smartphone?
A:        Yes. I have the Topaz App.

Q:        Spotify or Vinyl?
A:        Well… As an ex-DJ I’ve moved everything digital… all my music now sits on my Mac.

Q:        What is the last text you received from a brand or business?
A:        Hmm. Probably a reminder of sorts.

Q:        What’s the most exciting thing about mobile marketing today?
A:        The Mobile Wallet – I would back Apple on that one.

Q:        What’s your favourite sign-off?
A:        “Mind yourself”.

Find out more about the Sales Institute of Ireland here.


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