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Mobilising Customer Care

As everyone who works in the services and utility sectors knows, people these days expect to receive the very best of customer care. At a minimum this means being able to easily access and manage account information, check statements, change contact preferences, engage with the contact centre and make payments. All of this must be provided conveniently and securely.

Mobilising Customer Care

In order to meet these high standards an app is now an essential part of your customer care arsenal, and if you don’t deliver you can be sure your competitors will. In the US this survey from a couple of years ago found that 78 percent of consumers use mobile apps for customer service purposes, and we’d expect similar statistics here. And, interestingly 70 percent would pay on average 13 percent more for higher standards of customer service.

What’s the best approach?

A brochure app is not enough these days, and forget about simply replicating your website – apps aren’t just small websites, they need a different approach.

You need to think simple, pared back, highly functional, and engaging. Consider the app as a “remote control” allowing the customer to manage their account settings, purchase and engage with your service. On the flip side, it’s an ideal channel for you to keep the customer updated and informed.

Have a look at the app we just launched for Thorntons Recycling. It’s pretty simple; it allows customers to check their account balance, top up their account “on the go” using Realex payments, and access collection schedules and calendar information. The feedback from customers has been positive and the conversion rates among existing customers excellent.

What features can I include?

These are just some of the features that you can offer through your customer care app;

  • New and existing customer registration
  • Account balance and history
  • Account top-up
  • Scan and store receipts
  • Manage opt in settings (SMS, email, app push)
  • Personalised updates
  • Appointments and Credit Control reminders
  • Competitions / Rewards / Offers

How can I exceed customer expectations?

Want more from your app? No problem. Your app can work with location sensors, augmented reality, built in scanners, calculators and much more.

What are the benefits for me and my company?

Building a customer care app can have a huge number of benefits:

Cost: by allowing customers to manage their own account and payment methods, you can expect less customer interaction with your customer service team.

Branding: Having a downloaded app on your customers’ mobile devices will ensure your brand stays front and centre of their mind each time they scroll through their apps. The content and look and feel of the app is another opportunity for you to reinforce your branding.

Loyalty: Developing an app brings the connected customer further into your company’s ecosystem. Building a value-adding app for existing customers will make them more favourably disposed towards you, and increase their loyalty through non-monetary switching costs.

Empowerment: Let your customers tell you when they want to hear from you (choose frequency of SMS, email, push notifications etc), as well as giving them the opportunity to manage their own account details and how they use your service.

Who should I work with?

When developing your app you should engage with a company that specialises in designing great UX (user experience) for apps, but also has the know-how and technical platform to deliver a secure, fully integrated solution.

You should also ask for an adequate support and maintenance programme to help you ensure your app keeps up with all the latest operating system releases. Your app partner should keep you abreast of new features and industry developments so you can focus on what matters most to your business – your customers!

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