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Mobile Surveys: The Key to Customer Satisfaction?

How mobile surveys can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction and retention by delivering instant feedback on key customer touchpoints.

Mobile Surveys: The Key to Customer Satisfaction?

Mobile Surveys: The Key to Customer Satisfaction?

Companies and brands have long realised that listening and responding to their customers is good for business. The market intelligence derived from survey research can be very useful to drive decisions and build business cases for new projects.

“Businesses that measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to describe themselves as successful than those who don’t” (Survey Monkey)

Using mobile surveys, customer feedback can be gathered and responded to “on the fly”. This means that a company can respond in real time to a trigger such as customer dissatisfaction, pro-actively engage with the customer, and ultimately reduce churn rates.

SMS Vs Web Surveys

When we’re talking to clients about mobile surveys we are often asked what is the best way to collect the data – SMS, online or app? So let’s take a look at the benefits of the different mobile survey options…

5 reasons to use SMS Surveys:

  1. Everyone has SMS so there is no built-in bias towards people with smartphones
  2. No internet connection required
  3. Far higher read rate (98%) compared to email (22%)
  4. Higher response rates* than web forms
  5. Very suitable for short surveys e.g. NPS

*Survey response rates are highest when survey invitations are sent in a mobile-friendly format – as high as 32% for SMS-only surveys (OnePoint Global).

Screenshot courtesy of OnePoint Global

Short NPS surveys such as the one above are ideal for SMS.  On the other hand, although SMS surveys can have multiple levels, if your survey includes more than say 5 questions or requires more qualitative / in-depth answers then an online might be more suitable.

5 reasons to use Online Surveys:

  1. Customers are willing to answer more questions
  2. Answers can be more detailed which is good for qualitative research
  3. Easy to extract data – web forms can enforce specific formats
  4. Branding opportunity
  5. Cost saving (fewer messages required)

Screenshot courtesy of OnePoint Global

Survey Apps

Apps are another channel for mobile surveys, and can offer a slick user interface with lots of options for data input, sliders, emoticons and so forth. However the disadvantage is that you have to download an app solely for the purpose of completing the survey. For that reason, apps are generally more useful for longitudinal studies such as medical and lifestyle research.

This medical research app built by Púca for NUI Galway was one of the very first health research apps used for real-time data collection on symptoms of illness.

Making the Most of Mobile Surveys

Depending on your requirements, a combination of SMS and Online is most likely to yield the optimum results in most situations.

For example, a customer touchpoint such as a phonecall with your contact centre can then trigger an automated survey invitation by SMS and (optionally) email. Customers can then either click a link to go directly to an online questionnaire OR they can reply by SMS depending on the survey length.

Other ways to make the process more engaging to the customer are to include a reward or discount for completing the survey, and customers who don’t complete the survey within a defined period can also be sent a friendly reminder.

Mobile Surveys – the Feedback Loop

In order to gain the maximum benefit from mobile surveys – make sure you have a clear process for handling the survey results. This “feedback loop” should becomes second nature to your organisation and play an invaluable role in continuous improvement.

If you would like to discuss ways to integrate surveys into your customer journey please get in touch.

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