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My Mobile Life with Paul Candon of Topaz

Púca’s “My Mobile Life” interview series continues with our roving reporter catching up with Paul Candon, Marketing and Corporate Service Director for Topaz Energy Group. Paul is a Board Member of numerous organisations including Retail Excellence Ireland and the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), as well as being a Member of the Irish Marketing Institute (IMI).

My Mobile Life with Paul Candon of Topaz

Q:        What gets you out of bed in the morning Paul?
A:        Work usually and kids’ activities at weekends! I’m an early starter, I don’t think I’ve had a lie-in in 20 years! I’m normally in work at 7.30am. I don’t mind putting in the long hours but there has to be a balance.

Q:        Is your phone one of the first things that you reach for?
A:        Yes – to turn off the alarm and then check email. Sad!

Q:         Do you remember the make/model of your very first mobile phone?
A:         Nokia something* and it was like a brick.


(*Ed: Paul identified this beauty from a line-up of phones. The Nokia 1611 was the world’s first solar powered mobile phone launched in January 1997).

Q:        Could you live without your Smartphone?
A:         Not a chance – totally addicted.

Q:        What’s your favourite device apart from your smartphone?
A:         iPad. A wonderful product. I tend to use it in meetings and presentations. And at night on the sofa.

Q:        How many ‘mobile/connected’ devices do you have?
A:         Four, I think. As well as my phone and tablet I have a Fit Bit bracelet and a GPS watch (a Garmin, good for Golf). I guess you could count my work PC too, so that’s 5.


Q:        What’s your favourite feature on your current Smartphone?
A:         My calendar as I would be lost without it.  It synchs with Outlook and I even have the family synched up so we can all see each others’ calendars.

Q:        What would be your ‘Desert Island’ App (i.e. couldn’t live without)?
A:         Twitter – for staying in touch and getting rescued!

Q:        If you were to create your very own multi-billion euro app idea, what would it be?
A:         A holiday planner app that knows what I like, when I’m free etc. and searches flights and accommodation and gives me options to book and pay for the lot at once. Booking a holiday always takes about a week for our family.

Q:        Favourite social network?
A:         LinkedIn

Q:        Ever received/used mobile coupons?
A:         Yes all the time. I use the Topaz coupons and others too.

Q:        What’s the last thing you purchased via mobile?
A:         Tickets for a rugby match

Q:        Favourite loyalty app?
A:        Topaz “Play or Park” naturally!

Q:        Spotify or Vinyl?
A:        Spotify

Q:        What is the last text you received from a brand or business?
A:        UPC Billing – telling me how much I owe them!

Q:        What’s the most exciting thing about mobile marketing today?
A:        The pace it’s moving at and the amount it can and will achieve.

Q:        What’s your favourite sign-off?
A:        Regards P


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