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My Mobile Life with Gordon Newman of Life Style Sports

Our latest “My Mobile Life” profiles Gordon Newman, eCommerce Manager of Life Style Sports since 2011. Life Style Sports is Ireland’s largest sports retailer with 64 stores nationwide.

My Mobile Life with Gordon Newman of Life Style Sports

Gordon is an eCommerce veteran with infectious enthusiasm for the difference that eCommerce can make to the Customer’s experience of a brand. In 2014, Life Style Sports launched multichannel operations, providing Customers with an in-store eCommerce experience that is second to none.


Q:        What gets you out of bed in the morning Gordon?
A:         I’m lucky to have an awesome job, the lifestylesports.com multichannel business is growing very quickly and as a result, the pace of change is also super quick. We add new features, functionality or try something different every day so no two days are ever the same and I am constantly learning something new. This is such an exciting time for the brand with so much opportunity to push boundaries and grow.


Q:        Is your phone one of the first things that you reach for?
A:         Of course, it’s amazing being able to understand the full day’s performance of lifestylesports.com as soon as I wake up, but I’m consciously trying to stop immediately reaching for the phone as soon as I open my eyes. I’d love to be able to avoid looking at it ‘til I’ve had coffee and listened to the news on the radio. I’m not having much success though.


Q:         Do you remember the make/model of your very first mobile phone?
A:          I remember it well. It was an Ericsson EH237* which I still think is a design classic, it was really industrial looking with a stubby antenna and almost indestructible. It was an analogue phone that couldn’t even send a text message!


(*Launched in 1993 the Ericsson EH237 turned out to be a big seller.  Ericsson sold over one million of them by March 1995. However, towards the end of the 90s, these phones started to show their age.  As texting became more popular, the small screen’s limitations were painfully exposed to users that had to scroll through long messages)


Q:        Could you live without your Smartphone?
A:         Short answer is no – I use it for so many things from keeping an eye on the real-time performance of lifestylesports.com to getting me around, keeping me in touch with people I love and of course keeping me entertained. I’d be lost without it.


Q:        What’s your favourite device apart from your smartphone?
A:         It would have to be my laptop, it’s still the best thing for getting work done and of course, for online shopping.  I haven’t made the leap to doing everything on a tablet yet.


Q:        How many ‘mobile/connected’ devices do you have?
A:         Far too many! One of the challenges running lifestylesports.com is that is understanding and managing for the increasing number of devices that Customers use to access it, so the same goes for me, plus I’ve a habit of acquiring gadgets – I’ve at least nine devices I can think of;  2 phones – one running Android, One running iOS, 2 laptops – a mac and a PC, an iPad, an Amazon Kindle, a Pebble watch, a Fitbit and the latest addition is a smart TV which is fantastic for Netflix.


Q:        What’s your favourite feature on your current Smartphone?
A:         I think that the double tap on the home button that brings the top left of the screen within reach of my thumb is inspired.


Q:        What would be your ‘Desert Island’ App (i.e. couldn’t live without)?
A:         I couldn’t live without Spotify, as a kid, I used to trundle around everywhere with my Walkman and a selection of tapes. Spotify has more music than I.


Q:        If you were to create your very own multi-billion euro app idea, what would it be?
A:         It would be the greatest multi-brand sports store on earth, and that’s exactly what we’re busy building.


Q:        Favourite social network?
A:         I’m actually spending less and less time using social networks and getting a bit left behind, everyone is using WhatsApp and Snapchat in the office. If I had to choose one it would be Twitter, but I use that more for grabbing quick updates.


Q:        Ever received/used mobile coupons?
A:         Not that I can recall, I probably have, but haven’t realised.


Q:        What’s the last thing you purchased via mobile?
A:         Parking


Q:        Favourite loyalty app?
A:         The Brown Thomas app is brilliant, I don’t need to remember the card!


Q:        Spotify or Vinyl?
A:         It has to be Spotify, I couldn’t very well choose it as my desert Island app then opt for Vinyl.


Q:        What is the last text you received from a brand or business?
A:         The last text I received was from FX Buckley – I got it today. They send regular updates to all their loyalty card holders containing the offer of the week. They do it really consistently and it’s very well executed.


Q:        What’s the most exciting thing about mobile marketing today?
A:         Convergence between the physical retail environment and mobile tools in the hands of both Customers and sales team members. In Life Style Sports stores, we are using mobile devices as an in-store sales tool. I also really like the move on from SMS marketing into a smarter cross-device world and there are some amazing technologies starting to surface that help marketers identify and market relevant messages to customers seamlessly across devices and platforms.


Q:        What’s your favourite sign-off?
A:         Take care.



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