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My Mobile Life with Edel McCarthy at Electric Ireland

This week Edel McCarthy (Group Sponsorship Manager at Electric Ireland) tells us about her Mobile Life. Edel is responsible for both Electric Ireland’s and ESB’s sponsorship portfolio.

My Mobile Life with Edel McCarthy at Electric Ireland


Q:        What gets you out of bed in the morning?
A:         Usually my alarm on my phone – it’s an “Om” ringtone recorded while on a yoga holiday in Spain last summer. Sometimes it’s my student neighbours coming in late from somewhere like Copper Face Jacks though!


Q:        Is your phone one of the first things that you reach for?
A:        Sadly, yes. I have a new year’s resolution to try and park it for a bit of a digital detox each evening after 9 but in the mornings it’s back in charge!


Q:         Do you remember the make/model of your very first mobile phone?
A:          It was a Motorola. I was 22 and felt so grown up to own a mobile – I still can’t get over 8 year olds owning them now!


Q:        Could you live without your Smartphone?
A:         No, I am that cliché person who would more easily give up my wallet!


Q:        What’s your favourite device apart from your smartphone?
A:         Well I’ve just had Nest heating control installed so it’s my current favourite – especially with the current cold weather. And it’s incredibly pretty too!


Q:        How many ‘mobile/connected’ devices do you have?
A:         Personally, 5 – phone, ipad, laptop, handsfree kit in the car & Nest.


Q:        What’s your favourite feature on your current Smartphone?
A:         So many – probably diary as it’s the most functional.


Q:        What would be your ‘Desert Island’ App (i.e. couldn’t live without)?
A:         Given that I haven’t been gifted with the best sense of direction, probably Google Maps. That or The Guardian app for sheer entertainment.


Q:        If you were to create your very own multi-billion euro app idea, what would it be?
A:         It would have to be food based.  Probably one which knows what you have in your fridge and gives you dinner ideas.. Or better still one that controls a home robot to make dinner for you!


Q:        Favourite social network?
A:         Twitter.


Q:        Ever received/used mobile coupons?
A:         Not sure – don’t think I’ve used any.


Q:        What’s the last thing you purchased via mobile?
A:         A jumpsuit last night on Houseoffraser.ie


Q:        Favourite loyalty app?
A:         I have the BT one but haven’t really used it yet.  I do look forward to all of my coffee loyalty cards being on an app though and not cramming my wallet.


Q:        Spotify or Vinyl?
A:         Spotify.


Q:        What is the last text you received from a brand or business?
A:         Greyhound reminding me that my green bin is due to be collected.


Q:        What’s the most exciting thing about mobile marketing today?
A:         Well, the best thing about mobile generally is that it’s all getting genuinely useful and making life easier.  Hailo, Netflix, Google Maps, Vivino, My Fitness Pal, Trip Advisor – no gimmicks, it’s just better..


Q:        What’s your favourite sign-off?
A:         Thanks a million.



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