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My Mobile Life with Bill Archer of eircom Business Solutions

In the latest of Púca’s “My Mobile Life” interview series we chat with Bill Archer, Managing Director of eircom Business Solutions. Bill joined eircom in early 2014.

My Mobile Life with Bill Archer of eircom Business Solutions

Eircom Bus

Q:      Bill – what gets you out of bed in the morning?
A:      The challenge of redefining eircom Business Solutions from a legacy fixed voice provider to a mobile, data, services and solutions leader in the B2B Segment.

Q:        Is your phone one of the first things that you reach for?
A:        Yes… and ear buds to listen to podcasts or music during my morning exercise routine.

Q:        Do you remember the make/model of your very first mobile phone?
A:        It was the Motorola Tac*.


(*Kudos to Bill who was clearly an early adopter! The MicroTAC – released by Motorola on 25th April 1989 – was the smallest and lightest phone available at the time. On its release, it was hailed as a revolution in mobile devices).

Q:        Could you live without your Smartphone?
A:        Of course… just not as happily or productively!

Q:        What’s your favourite device apart from your smartphone?
A:        My MacBook Pro.

Q:        How many ‘mobile/connected’ devices do you have?
A:        5

Q:        What’s your favourite feature on your current Smartphone?
A:        Maps.

Q:        What would be your ‘Desert Island’ App (i.e. couldn’t live without)?
A:        The Wall Street Journal or perhaps Twitter or Zite.

Q:        If you were to create your very own multi-billion euro app idea, what would it be?
A:        It would be something business to business related… perhaps around IoT… to allow non-traditional endpoints to become connected and intelligent.

Q:        Favourite social network?
A:        Facebook.

Q:        Ever received/used mobile coupons?
A:        Yes… but I haven’t used them.

Q:        What’s the last thing you purchased via mobile?
A:        Airline Tickets.

Q:        Favourite loyalty app?
A:        Open Table.

Q:        Spotify or Vinyl?
A:        Spotify.

Q:        What is the last text you received from a brand or business?
A:        It was from Bank of Ireland.

Q:        What’s the most exciting thing about mobile marketing today?
A:        The ability to reach large markets of prospective customers economically and efficiently.

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