ImpowerTM Platform

Smart, multichannel mobile customer engagement at your fingertips

Our proprietary multichannel platform, ImpowerTM gives you all the tools and services you need to manage smarter customer engagement.

Personalised Campaigns

Personalise each communication by location, time and many other variables.

Multichannel Experience

Your integrated campaigns can be run smoothly across a variety of channels including SMS, apps, web, email and social media.

Smart Promotions and Incentives

Our mobile customer engagement platform allows you to create and manage a range of intelligent promotional mechanics including in-store vouchers, competitions and on-pack promotions.

Easy Integration with our API

Our powerful APIs enable you to integrate your own data and applications with ease.


Connect the offline world and your online activities using digital touchpoints and calls-to-action


Impower gives you a high degree of visibility and control enabling you keep all of your communication and campaigns secure.

Tiered Administration

With a tiered administration structure, our platform can be deployed across multiple users and departments within your organization as well as by external partners.

Social Media Amplification

Add a viral dimension to your campaigns by integrating with Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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