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Mobile Coupons: The Future is Now!

The days of the paper coupon are numbered. If you haven’t already gone mobile, then 2015 is definitely the time to do it. Digital coupons provide far greater convenience for consumers, as well as unprecedented opportunities for 350 billion coupons distributed last year, it is estimated that just 1% of print coupons were redeemed compared to a whopping 10% redemption rate for mobile coupons.

Mobile Coupons: The Future is Now!

Aside from these poor redemption rates, paper coupons are also far more costly to produce and deliver, and today’s environmentally savvy consumer dislikes being bombarded with unnecessary paper.

We’re not saying that well produced, personalised and timely print marketing doesn’t have its place – just that when something can be done better and cheaper, with less cost to the environment, then why not embrace it?

Mobile Coupon Adoption trends

In the US, according to eMarketer.com “the mobile coupon audience will post double-digit growth rates annually through 2016, driven by continued smartphone and tablet adoption and the proliferation of digital channels offering coupons easily accessed by mobile, such as mobile apps, daily deal and group buying sites, email, and social networks. eMarketer expects that by 2016, mobile coupon users will represent nearly 83% of all digital coupon users“.

Influencing the Path to Purchase

Smartphones now act as a sort of in-store shopping companion. A recent study by The Consumer Electronics Association has found that the majority of mobile shoppers (58%) prefer to turn to their devices for information on a product rather than rely on store employees and in-store info. And mobile influence on shopping is expected to explode in 2015 with over 96% of Americans surveyed planning to use their mobile devices to find better offers. This is backed up by Think With Google who identify mobile as the key influencer in consumers’ buying decisions.


Consumer-centric Analytics

And what’s in it for the companies offering coupons? It seems that consumers are willing to share personal information with merchants in return for discounts or coupons. This allows brands to gather customer data which can be used for future direct marketing efforts – an incredible opportunity for consumer-centric analytics.

McDonalds are introducing coupons as part of their apps to gauge how users in different U.S geographical markets respond to mobile coupons. In Ireland, Guinness is also offering free pints to those that download their GuinnessPlus app – hard to resist!

2015 will see the continued adoption of iBeacons which allow loyalty apps to target coupons based on a customer’s precise location. For example, a customer could be in a department store and when they reach the ladies wear department they get an offer specific to that department. The department store gleans valuable data about where the shopper is, how long they have been there, and what offers they responded to.

A Multi-channel approach

Mobile Coupons can be delivered via a combination of Apps, Mobile-optimised sites, email and even SMS – which retains its position as the most ubiquitous channel and shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since Púca teamed up with O2 and Avonmore to send a “surprise and delight” message to O2 customers in the vicinity of Dublin airport, rewarding them with a free litre of milk that they could collect at any one of the airport’s SPAR shops using a unique voucher code. Púca’s SmartKode merchant app ensured that the offer was limited to “one per customer”, and provided real time data on redemption rates per store.


So it’s clear that couponing can give brands and companies better insights into their customers’ purchasing habits, and in turn motivate and reward those customers based on their behaviour.

Now that’s an offer we can’t refuse.

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