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Mobile Business 2016 – Survey Results

Here are the results of our recent survey into how businesses have been using mobile technology in 2015. The survey also covers what marketers and operations / business managers predict for their usage patterns and budgets in 2016...

Mobile Business 2016 – Survey Results

Mobile Business Survey: Marketing trends

Mobile Apps and SMS messaging are still at the forefront of most popular mobile technologies for 2016. For marketers, the biggest increases in expected uptake are in “Location based Campaigns / Geotargeting” (up from 21.1% in 2015 to 40.5% for 2016) and “Responsive Websites” (up from 52.6% in 2015 to 67.6% for 2016). Despite the hype of recent years about iBeacons, only a modest 8% of respondents expect to use them in 2016.

“Mobile Operations” Usage and Budgets

We also spoke to businesses about how they are using mobile channels for operational purposes. Overall the trends are similar to marketing, with enterprise apps being the highest priority for 2016 – 56.8% said they would use an app for operational purposes.

Survey results:

The results below are interactive so you can toggle between 2015 and predictions for 2016.


Note: to get a wider perspective on which Mobile technologies companies are using across both Marketing and Operations, we included a cross-section of respondents from different functions – Marketing, Customer Care, Operations as well as Senior Executives.

To read more about mobile tech trends for 2016 click here to read our blog piece.


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