How to “impower” your team with multi-user SMS

Contact centres and teams face some unique communication challenges - particularly around access controls and permissions. Our latest SMS platform release is designed to meet these head-on.

How to “impower” your team with multi-user SMS

We’re pleased to introduce the 7th iteration of our SMS platform which we are calling impower.

impower™ has already been rolled out with selected clients including permanent tsb, Concern Worldwide and Grosvenor Servcies, and it is replacing Message Console™ as our default multi-user product.

impower™ can be used for a diverse range of applications such as service updates, security and fraud alerts, marketing communications, internal comms and more. It is a 2-way communications platform with all the features you would expect – from group send to personalisation and link tracking, as well as more sophisticated user management controls.

Why the new name?

Befitting a product that looks and feels totally different from previous versions, we are giving impower™ a completely fresh new identity. And of course we like a good play on words – our company Púca is Gaelic for “imp” which can be a friendly and/or mischievous spirit – hence “impower”.

Contact Centre focus

When building impower™ our primary objective was to deliver a platform that makes self-service SMS completely intuitive in a team environment.

“Impower is designed to meet very particular client requirements around contact centre communications, and we are excited to announce new features coming soon that will further enhance the product for our customers” Eileen Carroll (Púca MD)

impower™ for Teams

On-boarding new staff users is a cinch with impower’s user management, and you can forget all the hassle around secure password management.

For teams who are dealing with the challenge of training new and existing staff on multiple systems it is imperative to have a system that is easy, reliable and secure for them to use.

Having multi-tier access controls along with the ability to restrict visibility by location or department gives you added security and the comfort that your users are only seeing the messages that relate to customers they are dealing with directly.

Key Features;

  • Tiered multi-user access
  • 2-factor password controls with Google Authenticator
  • Easy user on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Restrict access by location or department
  • Message audit trail by user
  • Detailed message status history for complaints resolution
  • Link tracking and url shortening

Monitoring performance

Open rates for SMS are the highest across any form of marketing, but how do you track engagement and monitor performance? With impower™ you can see the delivery status of each and every message and all reports are exportable for further analysis.

Also, when you’re sending a group message in impower™ you can track who has clicked using unique short URLs generated from within the system – a useful source of intelligence to inform future campaigns.

Find out more?

If you would like to find out more about impower™ why not get in touch with us today and we would be pleased to arrange a call or demo. 


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