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Email Marketing goes Mobile

The time has come for the old reliable format of the email to experience a fundamental change and adapt to those who use their devices on the go.

Email Marketing goes Mobile

According to a survey by Litmus, 53% of all email opens in the third quarter of 2014 occurred on a mobile device compared to 48% in the second quarter. With this rapid growth of mobile usage it is imperative that marketers create emails with mobile devices in mind instead of relying on older designs that do not translate well away outside of the desktop and laptop.


In order to tap into this massive market share of mobile users it is essential that the emails can be easily read and have a user friendly interface in order to increase conversions and click through rates.

By creating relevant and targeted emails in a responsive design format, marketers can now communicate far more effectively by optimizing their email layouts for mobile devices and thus better engage readers with the substance of their message.

Despite these advances, research by Equinox revealed that a mere 11% of major brands used responsive design techniques in their email marketing.


Leading email marketing platform Púca Email helps marketers engage with their increasingly mobile customer base and features fully responsive templates so that emails are automatically optimized to accommodate all screen sizes, including both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Púca Email also includes a host of other features including sophisticated tracking and reporting, spam and phishing checks, heatmaps, and an advanced segmentation query builder that can pick up on demographic, geographic and behavioural patterns.


With these powerful tools at your disposal isn’t it time to move beyond “old-school” email marketing and into the era of intelligent, responsive marketing?

Your customers will thank you for it!

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