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Corporate Messaging: Back to the Future with SMS

Is SMS still a useful communication channel for business? In this article Púca's Eileen Carroll talks about why SMS is an essential part of the communication mix.

Corporate Messaging: Back to the Future with SMS

We have been delivering business SMS services at Púca since the early noughties, and there has never been a better time for companies to revisit this sometimes under-appreciated channel to engage with customers and staff.

In case you’re not quite convinced about SMS, here are 6 reasons why it is such a brilliant communication tool for business.

6 Reasons why SMS is essential for business:

1. 98% message open rate

SMS has the highest open rates in comparison to other marketing platforms with open rates as high as 98%, as opposed to 29% with tweets, 22% with Facebook posts and 22% with email. (Source: Clickatell)

2. Superior Click-through rate

The messaging and payments platform Prommt revealed their customers are seeing a 31.5% click through rate for payment requests sent by SMS, versus a still respectable 20.9% click through for emails. While other sources don’t report click through rates as high as this, business text messages are generally accepted to have a much higher click through rate than email – up to 6 times as high*.

3. High Opt In Rate

82% of European consumers opt in to receive SMS notifications as of 2016 which shows how willing customers are to engage with SMS marketing notification and updates. (Source: Twilio)

4. Ubiquity

Everyone with a phone has SMS! Also, wifi challenges and the smartphone backlash make SMS the most accessible channel available, and ideal when you need to make sure your message is delivered.

5. Trust and reliability

SMS is a perfect way to reinforce trust and reliability with a customer – so for example if you’ve completed a service installation or have sent out a renewal letter or email, why not time an SMS to go out at the same time so the customer knows you have looked after them.

6. Flexibility

A basic inbound / outbound SMS service can be set up almost instantly, empowering you to engage with customers at short notice. And APIs make it easier than ever to integrate 3rd party platforms so you can get your existing workflows SMS-enabled very quickly.

SMS Use Cases

Because of the benefits listed above, SMS is being used in a wide variety of business scenarios. Here are just a few examples:

  • Fraud prevention / user validation
  • Payments / Credit Management
  • Renewal reminders
  • Contact centre (manage call volumes)
  • Data cleaning / number validation
  • SMS alerts and appointment notifications
  • Emergency alerts
  • Field services communications
  • NPS and multi-level Surveys

With businesses like permanent tsb, Virgin Media and Magnet Networks extolling the benefits of SMS there are some great examples of businesses using SMS effectively.

“Like many businesses, we operate a contact centre 24/7 which presents various challenges including staff training on multiple systems. We needed an SMS platform that’s easy, reliable & secure for staff to use, and gives us full access control and message tracking for audit purposes and complaints resolution”.

Dave Byrne, Fraud Manager, permanent tsb

Mobilise your Corporate Communications

We provide a full range of corporate SMS solutions and APIs, so if your business is considering SMS please contact us or call us on +353 1 499 5090.

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