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A Day in the Life of Ciaran Ryan, Púca’s Head of Operations

Ciaran Ryan chats about his role, his work inspiration and why he gets excited about coming to the Púca office every morning.

A Day in the Life of Ciaran Ryan, Púca’s Head of Operations

What does the Head of Operations do?

Anything and everything! No two days are ever the same. My role is wide ranging, which I really like. I’ve a designated hat stand so I know whether to wear my business development, strategy, product development, HR, or financial analyst hat.

What were your key career moves?

I’ve taken a very scenic road to get to where I am, and enjoyed the views along the way. Following on from an international business degree in Trinity I sold wine and did my wine exams, then moved into financial recruitment, then qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia, then was involved in a management buyout of an app development company in Melbourne before making the trip home to Ireland to my current role in Púca.

What’s the biggest work challenge you face?

Each facet of the role presents its own challenges. From a resource management perspective, anyone involved in an agency will understand the difficulties in managing the peaks and troughs of client expectations and available resources. It’s a difficult balancing act – but having plenty of work to deliver is a great complaint to have.

From my own perspective, the Head of Operations is a varied role, so it’s important to manage the balance of day to day transactional work while ensuring larger strategic objectives are set and met.

What key skills do you need to be effective in your role?

Probably the ability to delegate and to make decisions. From my background as a Chartered Accountant I tend to be very data driven but if the data is pushing us in one direction I like to make the decision and move on.

Describe a typical working day Púca

I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day in Púca, particularly in a varied role. I normally set out my daily objectives using Trello which I find is great for focusing your working day and taking stock of what you actually got done. My day could involve internal product strategy meetings, interviewing potential new hires and meeting up with key clients.

What do you love most about your role?

I love the fact that Púca is a company without red tape. If I present a reasonable argument for why we should be doing X instead of Y to the Directors, they’ll more than likely run with it. In short, I have a voice.

Where do you look for inspiration in your role?

We’ve some great staff here in Púca who are each experts in their field so there’s plenty of inspiration close-by. I’m also fortunate to have worked with some businesses that scaled successfully as they grew exponentially so learnt a lot from those journeys.

What’s next?

We’re entering a growth phase at Púca – our new product is in soft launch mode at the moment but already seeing good traction with the market. Our app development team is growing from strength to strength and we’re still seeing strong usage volume of our SMS solution. Exciting times!

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