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5 ways to Maximise your On-Pack Promotion

With dwindling attention spans it is essential to grab every opportunity to make an impact. The “brand in the hand” moment is one of those rare moments where you actually have their full attention.

5 ways to Maximise your On-Pack Promotion

Here at Púca we’ve run hundreds of on-pack and POS (point of sale) mobile campaigns for brands over the last 15 years – so what have we learned in the process? We’ve boiled it down to…


5 Ways to Maximise your On-Pack Promotion:


1. Keep the call to action simple

Beware of gimmicky tactics. If the customer has to download an app just to scan a barcode for a once-off promotion you have already lost them. For once-off promotions you should instead be using SMS or a simple campaign website (responsive of course) to capture entries. On the other hand, if you’re doing an on-going loyalty promotion such as “scan to collect”, then including a branded app in the mix IS appropriate and certainly offers convenience and a more engaging experience to the consumer.



2. Make it rewarding

Keep the cost of entry low, or completely free where possible. When customers are entering digitally then there is no reason not to offer lots of smaller prizes as these are easy to fulfill digitally – consider mobile top-up, tickets, coupons and discounts. Tiered prizes of small to higher value give the consumer a sense that there is a realistic chance of winning something when they participate. On the other hand a “star prize” approach will be sure to capture their attention. Whichever approach you choose make sure to keep it relevant to your target market.



3. Make it engaging

Depending on your objectives and your prize fund, you can choose from an array of different on-pack entry mechanics including “Winning Moments”, Instant Win, Draw Entry, or “Scan and Collect” (which requires an app). Mobile-optimised email, SMS and App push can be used judiciously to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the promotion, whilst having the added benefit of driving rate of sale.



4. Don’t ask for unnecessary information

Consumers can be put off if you ask them for too much personal information so keep it to a minimum. But DO ask for opt-in so you can tell them about your next promotion and foster a one-to-one relationship. Managing opt-out is just as important, so make sure you and your suppliers are aware of your Data Protection obligations.


5. Make it social

If a consumer has won or earned a reward, give them the opportunity to share their winning moment! Any social shares should link back to the campaign landing page or app store link. Encourage sharing by using “friend get friend” incentives.

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