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4 Mobile Use Cases for Healthcare Services

From improving patient communications to modernising medical research, we look at how mobile can be used in healthcare services.

4 Mobile Use Cases for Healthcare Services

Medical Research

If you’re involved in medical research then you will no doubt be looking at how you can use apps to automate data collection and improve the patient experience and outcome. Check out this video of our award-winning UTI Diary app and SMS survey for NUI Galway which we’ve also written up as a case study. We invite other medical research organisations to talk to us about how recent developments in apps such as Apple Research Kit can revolutionise your projects.


Health Promotion

Health promotion is another area where mobile-optimised websites, apps and SMS can all be used effectively. SMS is particularly useful because of its ubiquity – everyone has access to SMS whereas just 70% have access to smartphones. Two examples of Púca-developed SMS information services are the Positive Options Crisis Pregnancy 50444 service, and the HSE’s successful QUIT Smoking Campaign where we provided an integrated solution for Freetext opt-in, web chat integration and ongoing subscriber communications.


Appointment Reminders

SMS appointment reminders for Primary Care and Hospitals are another widely used and easy way to reduce unnecessary costs and missed appointments which we cover in this blog from earlier this year. The business case for reducing Do Not Attends is simple – just compare the cost of a text message to the average cost of each missed appointment (€80).


Pharmacy Retail Solutions

If you’re in Pharmacy retail please read our blog 4 Mobile Channels for Pharmacies where we outline 4 Mobile strategies – SMS, mobile-optimised email, loyalty apps and shop floor apps. These are all being used successfully in other retail sectors and can translate very effectively to the Pharmacy retail context.

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